Video “Poésie de l’extase”

Video “Poésie de l’extase”  from a Denis Schneider‘s exhibition. This video is built from the footage taken during an exhibition named “Poésie de l’extase” which was held from the 3rd of February to the 10th of March 2012. To accompany the video is a text written by Denis Schneider and read by Dominique Lardenois. This audio document…

New website

  Welcome to the new website !! We built this site willing to make it a richer, more dynamic place. We are currently working on adding different kinds of new content like videos to provide you with a more intimate look on the work of Denis Schneider and its creation process. We are also aiming for more interactions…

Exhibition at the “Palais des Papes d’Avignon”

“PONTS” Exhibition at the “Palais des Papes d’Avignon” (France) December 4, 2010 – June 30, 2011 website :    Sous le Pont Mirabeau. Les Otages Le Pont. Tableau d’une Exposition.        

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